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July 29, 2013

Back in May, the Rhode Island School of Design ran an exhibit on menswear titled “Artist/Rebel/Dandy.”

Andrew Yamato filmed an overview of the exhibit for A Suitable Wardrobe:

L.L.Bean Signature Waxed Canvas Tote

July 15, 2013

L.L.Bean Signature just released a handsome looking waxed canvas tote, made from the same canvas as their Maine Hunting Boots and the same leather as their O-Ring Belt. The bags are made in their Brunswick, Maine factory. Nice stuff.



The Scumbag Barber of Rotterdam: Schorem Barbier

July 10, 2013

Schorem Barbier is a classic barbershop in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. It’s been 30 years or so since I was in Rotterdam, but if I ever make it back I’ll have to stop by.

“Schorem” translates to “scumbag” in English, so the place doesn’t really attract financial-banker-types. But the owners love their craft, and so do their lines of customers outside. But no ladies please. Any lady that tries to enter the shop during business hours will politely, but firmly, be asked to leave. And don’t bother trying to make an appointment–they don’t take any.

J. Crew Fall Winter 2013 lookbook

June 29, 2013

J. Crew posted their Fall-Winter 2013 lookbook recently. You can pre-order items through a special email address, which in turn puts you in contact with a Very Personal Stylist at your local store.

These are some looks that caught my eye:





Ralph Lauren Men’s Store Hong Kong

June 14, 2013

Ralph Lauren just opened a huge men’s store in Hong Kong. As is par with Ralph, it’s a handsome store.








Barbasol Field Guide to Manhood

June 12, 2013

I think at some point in their life, every man has owned a can of Barbasol shaving cream. The company has been around since 1919 and this Father’s Day is releasing their Field Guide to Manhood, with 100% of the profits going to Veterans of Foreign Wars. The book is initially available on Amazon for a little below its $19.19 cover price.

I had a chance to read an online preview copy and it’s pretty good. While it’s currently aimed as a Father’s Day gift, it’s probably something that a father would give to his college-age son. Concise and witty, with some nice graphic design, it’s 128 pages that make a nice addition to any guy’s bookshelf.

Barbasol_FieldGuide_Cover copy




Behind The Brand: Raleigh Denim

June 4, 2013

Apartment Number 9 went behind the scenes at Raleigh Denim. It’s great to see how much this company has grown in a few short years and to see all those people at work making some beautiful product.


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