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Fatto a Milano

February 20, 2010

In 1990, Giorgio Armani commissioned Scorcese to do a short film about Armani and Milan, and their effect on each other. Not quite a documentary and not quite a commercial, the film is beautifully shot, but perhaps lingers a bit too long on architecture in the beginning (though those opening shots over the roof of the Duomo and rooftops are gorgeous), losing interest to some viewers. In part 1, a brief dinner scene introduces us to Armani and we get a sense of how controlling he is of his own image. Then a brief fashion show, where we see the influence of the sack and zoot suit looks on his own work, which would in turn influence much of fashion in the 1990s and beyond. I’ve always liked the film, but viewing it 20 years later, it is very calm compared to “fashion videos” today.

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