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Disneyland 1968

February 22, 2010

Since I have lived within 10 miles of Disneyland my whole life, I naturally grew up with a fondness for the place. Over the past couple of years, I have become more and more interested in Disneyland, especially vintage Disney. I guess it comes from working next to a guy for 7 years who was a Disney-freak.

I’m no collector, I just listen to a few podcasts. However, last December, our local library was having a community flea market. I came across 2 old souvenir programs, one from 1958 and another from 1968. They were $2 each, so I snapped them up. I told my wife, “you know, it’s freaky that I found these today, because it’s Walt’s birthday.” “Yeah, that’s freaky,” she replied with a can’t-believe-I’m-married-to-this-guy eyeroll.

As a graphic designer, I love looking at vintage printed material, so that made my find extra special. I also love looking at what people are wearing in the photographs of the books–they are so dressed up compared to the sneaker-and-sweatpants tourist of today.

The 1958 program on top, and the 1968 program on the bottom.

Check out these people on Pirates. Not a souvenir t-shirt among them.

Grandpa doesn’t dress like this anymore to go to the park. I used to have that duck hat. The bill squeaked when you squeezed it. Hey, I was 5!

Here are the rest. I only took detailed pics of the 1968 one, just cause I like it a little better–it reminds me more of the 1970s Disneyland I grew up with.


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