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The Sound: Melody Gardot

March 8, 2010

A few years ago, one of Melody Gardot’s songs was the free download of the week on iTunes. I got it, liked it but didn’t really investigate further. Then a little over a year ago, Starbucks offered a free download of one of her newer songs. That made me sit up and notice.

I think she has a classic voice that can stand the test of time and admire that she writes her own material, and it’s actually good. Her personal story is quite inspiring as well. I’m not going to go in it as you can read it on your own, but there is a reason beyond looking cool as to why she wears sunglasses indoors. This one is Baby I’m A Fool:

Last October, she came to the LA area. I wanted to take the wife to see her, but funds were a little tight, it was a week night, blah, blah. After seeing this performance from that night, now I wish we had gone. Damn:


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