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I Dreams of Eames

March 12, 2010

The typophreaks at House Industries released their massive Eames Century Modern font family yesterday with an event at the Eames Office preceded by a tour of Case Study House #8 (aka the Eames House) for a few lucky winners. I was not one of those lucky winners, nor was I able to make the relatively short drive up the coast to the Eames Office. But the House Industries exhibition runs through the beginning of April, so I might get to stop by in the upcoming weekend.

My wife and I visited the exterior grounds of the house 10 years ago. You can still go, but always make an appointment, as it is technically a private residence and it’s just plain good manners.

House always does such good packaging and extras for their font releases. I’m digging their Eames House Blocks for kids of all ages.

all images via House Industries

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