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Jessica Hische drops a cap on yo @$$!

March 15, 2010

essica Hische is an illustrator and graphic designer whose work I had been admiring for years without knowing who actually created it. She did a lot of book covers, logo work, etc as a senior designer at Louise Fili, but struck out on her own last year.

A side project of hers is the Daily Drop Cap, where every day she uploads a beautifully illustrated letter for non-commercial use by pretty much anyone (as seen above). I believe she is on the fifth go-around of the alphabet as of this writing, but she has collected previous sets as letterpressed art prints for sale.

If $225 is too steep for the whole alphabet (hey that’s less than $10 a letter!) then perhaps $30 for individual letters is more your taste.

How committed to typography and lettering is she? Well, see for yourself:


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