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Unnecessary wants: Riveted watches

March 17, 2010

I love looking at watches and my tastes run towards very clean, uncluttered faces. I am no connoisseur by any means (especially financial means), so for the most part I ignore most of the $1000+ watches out there.

Now while military-inspired fabric straps have been the hot thing amongst hipsters and prepsters recently, I have been drawn to riveted straps. With the clean watch face, the rivets add a masculine touch. A little like wearing an Armani suit to drive a Hummer.

First up is a Hamilton Khaki Field Officer watch with a tan nubuck strap. I love the nubuck strap, just because I’ve never seen one on a watch. The actual watch itself is pretty huge and quite thick. But it’s beautiful.

A nicely broken in one via the WatchLounge. It’s all in German, so I have no idea who took this photo.

It’s too bad Hamilton’s aren’t made in the US anymore, but at least they’re made in Switzerland instead elsewhere.

The other one is from German brand Stowa. The logoless version of the Flieger Automatik is the one I prefer.

I think if I ever get this, I might shell out the $17 extra bucks for the Airman strap:


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