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Mammoth Men

March 19, 2010

Every couple of months, a group of male photographers (mostly wedding) abandon their families and businesses for a week, and rent a bus for the ultimate road trip. A destination is chosen before hand, but along the way, they let their blog/Twitter readers choose activities for them to accomplish. And because it’s a bunch of photographers, damn near every second is captured on film from multiple angles.

Behold the Mammoth Men. So named for their first trip to Mammoth Mountain in California, the group has completed four more journeys across different parts of the US since then. The members of the group fluctuates as not everyone can make every trip, but it always looks like fun. By their second trip, the name “Mammoth Men” was already spreading around the blogosphere and popping up in a few magazines, but just in case you forgot or somehow never heard of them:

Day 4 – Boats and Bulls from Shade Tree Films on Vimeo.

Alert men’s style blog readers will spot Unabashedly Prep‘s Fred Egan among the Mammoth Men. Also, check out their archives for previous trips.

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