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New Brown Shoe: Palladium Pampa review

April 7, 2010

After a long search, I finally plunked down some hard-earned to replace my aging old brown shoes. Back in February, I had spotted a brown canvas version of Palladium’s Pampa oxford. I was familiar with their boot, but didn’t know they offered a low-top. I liked the look, especially the gum rubber molding. After reading Lawrence’s review on his boots and getting some more email feedback* from him regarding fit and comfort, I decided to plunk the $50. I dig that Palladium gives free shipping if you choose the slow method, but lucky for me, they ship from the opposite side of the greater LA area, so I got my shoes in 2 days.

So, what do I think of the Pampa Oxford now that I have had it for a few weeks? It’s a solid, well-made shoe. I like the clean styling that’s sort of a mixture of a Topsider/Vans Era oxford with a Jack Purcell toe-cap on a chunky sole. The sole feels solid like it can take a lot of wear. The shoes didn’t take long to break in, but I do have a problem with the in-soles. I find them thin and uncomfortable, with very little arch support. I had to put my own insoles in with slightly better results. I think if they got better, more cushioned in-soles and upped the price a few bucks, the shoe would be great.

The other day, I noticed Ralph Lauren had their own knock-off of the Palladium Pampa boot, the Ransley. The RL version is a luxury model made in Italy with vachetta leather and a price tag to match. Nice look if you can afford it.

*L.A.S., my wife thinks you have very witty writing, as she read your email and then promptly deleted it before I could even read it. Luckily, she remembered that you said the boots were comfy and fit well, after I lamented that I never got responses on some emails I had sent.


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