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Hello, hello, hello to the world of Arabesque

April 11, 2010

So you’re some stuffy university professor coerced into infiltrating an organization led by some eccentric (or is it evil) indoor-sunglasses-wearing millionaire plotting to kill the Prime Minister. You’re busy upstairs trying to decode some Egyptian hieroglyphs on a paper the size of a fortune cookie fortune when in walks the millionaire’s girlfriend, Sophia Loren, asking you to help zip up the back of her gown. Be cool, man, be cool.

This is Arabesque and the first 30 seconds are my favorite introduction scene in all of cinema:

Ms. Loren displaying the lovely wardrobe, or maybe it’s the other way around:

A kick-butt homemade trailer set to the Henry Mancini theme by sountrackcollector that gives you a little taste of the film:

The official trailer which sort of explains what the movie is about:

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