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Hatch Show Print

April 24, 2010

In 2005, I attended the HOW Design Conference and saw Jim Sherraden speak. Jim runs Hatch Show Print, a print shop in Nashville, TN that has been making show posters since 1879. Their motto is Preservation Through Production, meaning the best way to keep dust off the old letters and plates is to use them, whether for gig posters or monoprints. At the conference, Jim gave a passionate speech about non-digital design, the value of craftsmanship and creating something with your hands, and preserving the past while incorporating the new.

The shop is now a division of the Country Music Hall of Fame, though they make posters for all genres of music, and really any paying client–they do wedding invites. In its lifetime, the shop has moved 6 times, so no archive of printed works was ever kept until the 1970s. Now every so often they will do a restrike of historical pieces for their archive and some lucky customers. A few years ago, they published a book on their history, which is a beauty in and of itself.

Hatch Show Print from Marc Schreibman on Vimeo.

Did I mention all of these posters are for sale on their website? Most run in the under $50 range. Finally, something to replace that Pantera or Limp Bizkit poster you’ve been hanging on to.

Some more examples of their fantastic poster work:


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