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Narragansett Leathers

May 13, 2010

I came across Narragansett Leathers a year or two ago while looking for American-made belts. I liked what I saw and especially liked the price, as other small manufacturers like Billykirk or Tanner Goods run just a bit above my budget. Their hoof-pick belt caught my eye as I have never come across them in Southern California. Although we have some areas where a lot of horse owners live, for the most part, the region is equestrian-free.

According to their website, Narragansett Leathers was started by Alan McKinnon in Washington DC in the late 60s. A former bureaucratic researcher, Alan left his dull job to start a small leather goods shop. In 1976 he moved to Damariscotta, Maine with his family and established his current workshop. They produce tote bags, belts and briefcases, though they also love custom orders.

I happened to think about them last week as I was browsing my local J. Crew and came across their whale tail and lobster claw belts. I looked at them, saw that they were imported and saw the price, and thought, “Hell, I can get an American-made with a similar buckle for the same price at Narragansett!” Grant it, those kinds of belts aren’t my thing, but they may be your thing, so here they are:

The first set, in brass or sterling silver.

The second set, also in brass or sterling silver

The hoof-pick belt that caught my eye. I know there are plenty of similar belts out there, but not many for $42 for USA-made bridle leather. The pelican hook in the rear looks cool too.

Some of their briefcases they offer.

Maybe I can get the wife to buy me a belt for Father’s Day.

All images via Narragansett Leathers. Used with permission.


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