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Brooks Bros. Supima collection

May 24, 2010

In the latest GQ (see my request), there is an advertorial of Brooks Brothers Supima collection shown items from that capsule collection mixed in with the rest of their line. Supima is a brand name for a type of pima cotton.

I like individual pieces from Brooks, but I could never dress head-to-toe as it looks way too Carlton Banks, as you can see in this video that looks like it was produced by either Brooks or the Tea Party.

I did find a few Made in the USA things that I like:

Their university stripe oxford, also in red

Solid color oxfords too (these versions with pockets are Made in the USA, there are other ones without pockets that are imported)

Not too sure about these, but they are Made in the USA out of US fabric. A bit pricey at $148 for non-selvedge denim (I’m pretty sure the “interior red piping” they refer to doesn’t mean selvedge), but they come in a slim fit in what looks like a rinse wash. Maybe keep an eye out for an end-of-season sale to try these.


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