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Unnecessary Wants: F.M. Allen Jackets

June 24, 2010

I’ve been in the market for a jacket for a few years now. Thankfully the epaulet craze is fading, as every jacket I saw that I liked was adorned with them. I don’t mind safari-style jackets, but I prefer just a few bells and no whistles.

I prefer a natural fiber, like cotton or wool and have been trying to find a casual jacket with a little more construction and shape to it. Gentleman’s safari outfitter F.M. Allen has a few that I like, all made in Italy, which comes with an Italian price.

The Avedon Coat looks to be made of cotton (they don’t actually say what it’s made of), is lined for warmth, and has diamond quilting which I’ve always been a sucker for, at $498

The Courtney Coat is an Irish-linen version at $525

And in the non-safari coat arena, there’s the Waxed Cotton Paddock Coat, an even richer man’s Filson if you will, coming in at $598.

If you find a 90% off coupon for any of these jackets lying around, kindly send my way please.


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