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Walt Disney and The Florida Project

June 26, 2010

In the mid-60s, Walt Disney had firmly established Disneyland and was focused on what’s next. Not content with just building a Disneyland 2, Walt and his team sought to create not just another theme park, but an entire city. An Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, or EPCOT if you will. After the feedback and success of the attractions they created for the New York World’s Fair, it was determined that there was enough demand in the East Coast for a large scale Disney project. After an extensive search, central Florida was chosen.

Real estate was secretively purchased in a plot worthy of a Cold War spy novel. Once they were ready to go public with their plans, Walt recorded the following film detailing the company’s plan with the intent of showing investors and the people of Florida. Alas, Walt passed away a few weeks after filming and the Florida Project eventually morphed into today’s Walt Disney World. But it’s still fascinating to view this film and wonder what if.

and the construction of the model for EPCOT


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