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Chromexcel® (via Horween Leather Co.)

July 4, 2010

Back in March, Horween Leather posted an informative piece on their Chromexcel process. Beautiful stuff from one of the last great American leather producers. See the original post below.

But before that, I also had to add this picture they took of an Alden PTB in Natural Chromexcel. Amazing.

Chromexcel® Chromexcel.  One of my favorites, and probably my single favorite if I had to choose one.  The picture above gives some idea of how long the formula has been around (and this journal is full of different trials and doesn't even contain the original, standardized recipe).  Whether because it's right, or because we're just terribly stubborn, we've left the processes and formulas for many of our leathers largely unchanged.  We have had to substitute … Read More

via Horween Leather Co.


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