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Live Aid: U2

July 5, 2010
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We had blown it.

That was the general consensus among the members of U2 after they finished performing at Live Aid. U2 entered Wembley Stadium as a band that had been steadily growing throughout the 80s. There were some U2 banners in the crowd, but the band was not on the top of the list of major draws that day.

The plan was to play one old song, Sunday Bloody Sunday, and two cuts from their latest album, Bad and the big single, Pride (In the Name of Love). It would be tight, as every band was alotted only so much time, and each song typically ran 5 minutes or longer when performed live.

Throughout the first song, you can see Bono fidgeting with excitement, nervousness, and all kinds of energy. He and the rest of the band knew the importance of the concert not only for the charity, but also the worldwide exposure for the artists playing. As the frontman to the band, Bono had always been eager to connect with the audience.

It was during the second song, Bad, that things got out of hand.

During the bridge of the song, Bono goes down to a secondary stage that is about 2 feet below the mainstage, reserved for the television cameras. Bono spots a woman in the front row, which is about 8 feet below and gestures to security to bring her to him. Security pulls her out but then guide her to the stairs way on the other side. So off she goes and disappears. Bono gestures again, and the same thing happens to the second girl.

Out of frustration and adrenaline, Bono jumps down from the stage to the chaos of the stadium floor. The entire crowd lets out a cheer. This time Bono gets a girl who was being crushed and embraces her and they dance a little bit. Bono makes his way to the stairs and back up to the stage, only to find the first two girls, who have been waiting the whole time. A quick embrace with each, and Bono finally returns to the band, who have been scared out of their mind wondering what the hell is going on. The song goes on for a few more minutes before it finally ends. Unknowingly, the band has made their mark, though not the one they intended.

The embrace won them legions of fans and was a career-turning point for the band, one that led them to the Conspiracy of Hope tour and ultimately to recording The Joshua Tree.

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    Duck Tales!

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      Never under estimate the power of a mullet to change the world.


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