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Live Aid: Rare & Unaired

July 8, 2010

Some performances were never televised or the footage was thought lost and later included as extras on the 2005 DVD.

Run DMC helped the Philadelphia crew with their own special camera rehersal and mike check. See if a smile doesn’t spread across your face at around the 3 minute mark when DMC breaks into the King of Rock:

Later, Ashford & Simpson sung an emotional Reach Out and Touch with a special appearance by Teddy Pendergrass, which was his first public appearance after being paralyzed a few years earlier in a car accident. The version on the DVD is from a B-roll found deep in MTV’s archives.

INXS performed at one of the mini Live Aid concerts around the globe that were not part of the main broadcast. Portions of their performance were televised between act changes early in the Wembley concert.

B.B. King was performing in Holland that day and asked to be a part of the broadcast as well.


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