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L.L. Bean Signature Fall 2010 webinar report

July 28, 2010

Logged on to Facebook this morning and saw a 19 hour old post about the LL Bean Signature webinar with Alex Carleton. Since I’m home watching the kid today, thought I’d tune in.

Alex was on-camera, narrating a PowerPoint presentation of the Fall and Winter lines. The presentation was just under an hour, with the final 10 minutes being a Q&A session. They said the whole presentation should be on their Facebook page later, though it’s not up as of this writing.

The pics were from the look book with descriptions of the pieces each model is actually wearing. Also presented were some inspiration boards, though I didn’t get a chance to screen cap those.

What the webinar looked like

Alex mentioned the 1970s a few times as an influence for some of the colors and styling of the models’ hair. More 1970s influence was present on some of the inspiration boards, with pictures of Alli MacGraw, On Golden Pond, Steve McQueen.


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