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The Loot

September 5, 2010

A week ago I tweeted about getting some old stuff at my Mom’s house last weekend. She was mentioning about something in my old nightstand that might have been mine, and then she brought in a bunch of stuff. Some of it was junk, but there was a late 60s Bulova Oceanographer watch without a strap, some tortoiseshell Gant eyeglasses, a Austrian cigarette case, some American Optical sunglasses, and an old Vans Streetwear canvas wallet that was Made in the USA. None of it was my old stuff and she didn’t know where the watch came from, though it didn’t belong to either of my grandfathers.

I took the stuff home and resolved fix the sunglasses and watch. Unfortunately, the American Optical sunglasses appeared to have been sat on, as the left stem was bent up and had popped the lens out. Also, the ends of the bayonet stems were cracked and looked chewed on–nervous pilot perhaps. So I had to toss them.

The Gant eyeglasses were in great condition, though slightly narrow for my face. I wanted them to be a little larger, though when I took them to the optometrist to see if they could change the lenses, she said they are probably for a “petite face.” I’ll see if I get them fixed.

The cigarette case has a gold plated interior and elastic bands on both sides, so it will be used as a business card holder.

The wallet will perhaps sit in my drawer a few years until my son is old enough to need it. It is the kind from the 80s with velcro closures, so I’d sound like a 13 year old with his allowance and lawn mowing money if I used it.

My favorite piece was the Bulova watch. Stainless steel with a gold dial and bezel, it’s Swiss-made and in good condition. All I had to do was wind it up and it was working. I went to J. Crew later in the week and bought a navy-and-tan watch strap. Took it to a watch repair shop to get some pins and have the strap installed. Love it. I had been wanting a watch with a fabric strap for a while, and the Timex Campers always felt really cheap. I’ll be wearing this for a long time and hopefully be able to pass it along to my son when the time comes. Total cost for the strap and installation=$27. Awesome!

My point-and-shoot just can’t seem to take good still lifes, so here is a link of the same model (mine has a red second hand) with much better pics.

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  1. September 5, 2010 3:01 pm

    Cool watch!

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