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Unnecessary Wants: Aviator Chair

September 10, 2010

My family and I went out tonight and passed by Restoration Hardware. They recently remodeled their stores into their new “Gallery” format, so every thing is presented in artfully lit room scenes. With the moody lighting, Thievery Corporation soundtrack, and taupe walls, it felt a little too sterile. I understand they want to differentiate themselves from their competitors, but with all the weathered oak furniture, it feels masoleum-esque.

One thing my wife and I spotted was a fantastic Aviator Chair. A little bit Streamline, a little bit Ralph Lauren-does-Moderne, this is a kick-but man chair to sit and plot your next hostile takeover. If you have a spare $1295, can you send it my way? At least the complimentary delivery service will haul the 100 pound chair up to my second floor apartment.


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