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Stetson by Billy Reid

October 8, 2010

Back in high school, my first job was at a K-Mart. On slow nights, I would wander into the jewelry department, which for some reason was where they also kept the cologne and perfume, and sample the goods. A 17-year-old needs to impress the ladies after all. So after a large paycheck, I finally used my employee discount and bought a bottle of Stetson. It was probably a 1.7 fl. oz. bottle and cost around $20, maybe less. But it smelled good. I’ve moved on to other more “sophisticated” colognes since then, but Stetson was the first.

Billy Reid just launched his collaboration with Stetson on his website. No cowboy hats though, so I can’t be that cool cowboy in the 80s commercial, riding with his lady through the snow.

Still, there are some nice hats in the collection. Most seem like unisex, even though in half of the pics there’s just a lady sporting the hat. Decent prices for made in Italy and Germany.


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