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October 26, 2010

Back in 1996, Jonathan and Jamie Ward started TLC (Toyota Land Cruisers) outside LA. Their company is dedicated to servicing and restoring vintage Land Cruisers, particularly the FJ40. They got so good at it that when Toyota was developing what is now the FJ Cruiser, they asked TLC to build 3 prototypes. While TLC’s prototypes closely referenced the classic FJ40, Toyota chose to go with the more populist FJ Cruiser.

All that experience led the Ward’s to start Icon, which hand-makes 3 models with the classic looks but incorporating modern technology and some higher-end equipment. As with anything custom and hand-made, this quality doesn’t come cheap. Prices hover in the $100,000 range so save your lunch money. Think of it like this, would your Red Wing boots look better stepping out of your Kia or an Icon?

images from the Icon brochure

And for straight up off-road porn without all that distracting talking…


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