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Unnecessary Wants: The Chesterfield

November 1, 2010

My wife, like most women, loves Anthropologie. Like most guys, I follow her inside but quickly get bored as there isn’t a whole lot for guys to get interested in. Combined with the fact that our tornado of an 8-year-old son accompanies us on half our visits, he and I end up sitting on a couch where I can keep an eye on him among all the breakables. The other night, we ended up sitting on a Chesterfield. I couldn’t help noticing it as it was a butter yellow leather. Quite comfy, and aside from the color, kinda masculine. But it was almost $6000. Made in the USA though.

We walked over to Restoration Hardware and right up front was a collection of Chesterfield sofas and chairs, albeit upholstered in linen. I like linen, but I think a Chesterfield needs to be leather. Found some pics on their website. Their version is slightly cheaper, but still equivalent to a few mortgage payments.

I like the generous roll on the back and the arms. That way I can lean on them while wearing my burgundy smoking jacket and swirling my snifter of brandy or drinking champagne like The Continental.

You know something is having a moment when even the cool shops are showcasing them, like Holler & Squall.

image by Mindy Best for The Scout.

    • November 1, 2010 12:56 pm


      I’ve seen other styles of sofas with flag prints on them before. Nice, but I think I would tire of it. Sort of like a couch tatoo.

  1. November 6, 2010 5:31 am

    These are beauties. I could see myself saving for a long time for one of these, only to have my kids destroy it in days. Oh well, maybe in my retirement…

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