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Vers Audio

December 29, 2010

On Black Friday, I took advantage of Apple’s rare sale and picked up an iPod Touch. I love it, but the lack of cases that are both stylish and functional dismays me. I don’t want plastic, so that rules out about 80% of what’s out there. Silcone is okay for the non-slip factor, but it’s like spending $200 on a nice dress shirt only to wear a polyester tie with it. So I searched for leather, but it’s either leather glued to a rigid (aka plastic) case or a sleeve, which provides protection, but no functionality. There’s a few cases that flip open like a notepad to reveal the screen, but if you want to take a photo, you have to remove your iPod.

So then I moved to wood cases. I found some nice ones by Substrata, but they don’t make it for the 4th gen, only the 2nd and 3rd gens, plus the current iPhone. I emailed them twice but got no response. Then I found Vers Audio, who make a bunch of cases for all iPods, and will soon release a case for the 4th gen. I can’t decide between the bamboo or walnut, but for $39.99, these look cool and the price is decent, so I’ll be picking these up when their released. The company is dedicated to sustainability, using bamboo and American hardwoods in their products.

the iPhone shell, but it’s pretty similar to the iPod Touch shell

Earphones with an integrated mike.

The iPad case

They also make a nice looking iPod compatible radio/alarm clock. They say the wood construction gives it a warmer sound than a plastic radio.

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  1. January 3, 2011 8:27 pm

    Nice find! Love that bamboo. I think I might cop it too.

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