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Post-Christmas Sale roundup

January 2, 2011

So Santa didn’t bring you everything you wanted. Or maybe he did and you have a couple of giftcards burning a hole in your pocket. Here’s a few suggestions on how to spend it:
Off season is always a time for some good deals, and those suede bucks from last spring will still look good next spring. JC Penney (yeah, that’s right) has got a Skittles-bag of colors of Bass Brockton bucks on sale for $49.99 $59.99 (as of 1/30/11), down from $70.

L.L. Bean has got the lodge jackets I wrote about in the fall on sale. $119.99, down from $159.

Olive Plaid is down to $99. Also the Herringbone in brown or charcoal.

Also, not many left of the Irish Fisherman’s Sweater (ed. note–sold out) that’s actually made in Ireland. The cardigan is available too, and more sizes are left. Both also available in red.

Or maybe you want go undercover in the hipster jungles of Williamsburg or wherever else they hang out. You can walk tall in your Norwegian Sweater, not just knit but “expertly knit” in Norway. For less than $100! The navy-and-red and loden green colors are on sale.

And quit complaining about the fit being too big. We both know you spent the last two weeks eating a box of sugar cookies while watching Christmas movies on Lifetime and fake tweeting about how good/bad “your team” was doing in “the game,” so your six-pack is now a keg anyway.

Lands’ End has that down vest that GQ editors love on sale for $24.50 it’s back up to $39.50, in a buttload of colors, but of course size availabilities vary.

They have a few different plaid Elston Weave shirts on sale for $24.99. The fit is “traditional” so you might need to size down. I love how almost all the customer reviews are by wives.

They also have a few Viyella shirts for $99.99 (ed. note–sold out), though only this one is available in all sizes. They run a little big according to the reviews.

I’m writing this on the morning of 1/2/11, so don’t be disappointed if the link doesn’t work if your clicking these in March.


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