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Oertel Umbrella

January 3, 2011

While it doesn’t rain that much in Southern California, when it does, it typically makes the news due to the mudslides and flash floods that result. During the last big storm in December, one of the ribs from my gift-with-purchase umbrella broke. The umbrella is still slightly usable, but it had me on the look out for another umbrella. The dilemma of living in a relatively dry climate is should I spend a lot of money on something I use a few times a year and is in storage for 6-9 months straight.

Well, I haven’t bought anything yet, but something inside me wants this to be the last umbrella purchase I ever make. So I’ve been googling higher end umbrella makers, most of which are in Europe. I found one German online retailer who lists prices in dollars (nice) and who offers a variety of brands.

I like the ones from Oertel Handmade. They’re not cheap, but they aren’t ridiculously expensive either. I saw some on other sites in the $400+ range.

My favorite of the bunch, in a full size and a collapsible version.

The go-to-hell Prep umbrella

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  1. January 3, 2011 8:20 pm

    wow. those are kind of awesome. 3rd one in particular. thanks for the heads up.

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