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Schaefer Range Wax Mesquite Jacket

January 11, 2011

While I don’t practice making New Year’s resolutions, I did promise myself to buy less but buy better this year. Of course, “better” can get expensive, but if you search around, sometimes you can find something that is hopefully a good value. Last year, I came across Schaefer Ranch Wear. Made in America, the brand pretty much caters to the cowboy set, though their Mesquite Jackets can be a nice alternative to the standard jean jacket.

I happen to like the #311 Range Wax Mesquite Jacket. Made from a 10 oz. waxed cotton, the jacket is a little on the big side according to the picture, so sizing down may help. Schaefer looks to be sold out of smaller sizes, though Drew’s seems to carry a full size range. For $110, it’s an affordable alternative for a Made in the USA jacket.

image via Schaefer

While the American sites don’t provide too much on the fit of the jacket, I found the Japanese store Rakuten that provided measurements for a variety of sizes and some testimonials that some computer program comically translated. Also helpful are some fit pics. Inayoshi is 5’4″ and just over 138lbs, according to the info in the picture. He is wearing a small.

image via Rakuten

Update: Bought the jacket from Drew’s back in early March, but had to wait a month before receiving it. They were out of stock on my size so I had to wait while Schaefer received some fabric and made some more. Love the jacket and will post a review with pics later. Quickly, the color is darker like the Rakuten photos and the fit is wide in the shoulder, long in the arm (for riding horses), but the torso fits slim but not snug (room for a mid-weight sweater). I usually wear an M and that’s what I bought. I think the arms of an S would fit better, but I don’t think I would be able to button the jacket.


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