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The Jacketshop varsity jackets

January 16, 2011

With the resurgence of interest in varsity jackets, I poked around to find something custom, as I don’t care for much of the designer versions out there. I came across Stewart & Strauss, aka The Jacketshop, out of the Las Vegas area. They have a wide selection of in-stock styles, but what I like is the custom order section where you can specify materials, colors, buttons, letters, fonts, etc. A lot of movie studios seem to use them for costumes and cast & crew gifts.

The fit seems to be “classic American,” meaning a slightly baggy blouson style, but take a look at their size chart which provides measurements and order based on that. There are a ton of customer photos that are bound to feature someone with your body type, so check those out as well. The jackets are made from wool and genuine leather. A custom jacket for $200-300 depending on the style and extras isn’t too bad.

And as you can guess from the photo, they make them for women as well.

image via Stewart & Strauss

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  1. January 17, 2011 3:41 pm

    DAMN! Now I gotta obsess over of these too !!!

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