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Frank Buckles, last US WWI veteran passes

February 28, 2011

Last April I posted about Frank Buckles, the last US WWI veteran and his effort to have a national memorial established for WWI. He passed away yesterday at 110. I’m reposting my original post in his memory.

At 109, Frank Buckles is the last US WWI veteran. Born in 1901, at 16 he lied about his age to join the Army and served until 1919. Surprisingly, there is no national memorial to honor our WWI veterans. Frank continues to lobby for the establishment of a national WWI memorial in Washington DC. There is an existing city memorial erected in 1931 honoring the 499 DC-area veterans, but it has fallen into disrepair. Frank and his supporters have been trying to get the US government to rededicate it as a national memorial. You can read more about their efforts here and offer your support.

Here are a few interviews from 2007 with Frank, back when there were a few other living US veterans:

part 2

David DeJonge, a filmmaker, is trying to get a documentary produced about Frank and other WWI veterans. Here is a 2007 interview with him and Frank:


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