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Maple XO recycled skateboard jewelry

March 10, 2011

Lindsay Jo Holmes is an avid skateboarder who started MapleXO in 2005. Made from recycled skateboards, Lindsay’s jewelry is one-of-a-kind and all handcrafted in her Portland workshop. She utilizes the decks and the wheels to create her pieces, incorporating sterling silver for some of her rings and necklaces. Very cool stuff for the ladies.

Recently the guys over at Grove collaborated with Lindsay to create a limited edition of 50 iPhone 4 covers. These are being auctioned on eBay with half of the proceeds going to the Oregon Humane Society. The last lot are being auctioned off, ending on March 16 around 12:30pm PDT, so check the Grove site for links to the sale and pics of all the cases. Each case is individually numbered.

Recycled Skateboard iPhone4 Cases from Joe Mansfield on Vimeo.

More shots of Lindsay’s jewelry:

Earrings made from polyurethane skateboard wheels


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