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Nivaldo de Lima

March 31, 2011

A few months back, I received a comment from Louise requesting to use one of my pictures. The website link in her post was an intriguing name I had never heard of before, so I clicked it. It took me to her company’s website, Nivaldo de Lima, which she runs with her husband, who the company is named after. Splitting time between Mallorca (go to Story, then Home on their site and seeth with envy) and London, the English Louise and Brazilian Nivaldo make some exquisite bags and accessories, primarily out of leather, with a few fabric ones here and there. I was immediately captivated by the imagery in their lookbook, as it reminded me of early 1990s Giorgio Armani ads I loved, with their natural fabrics, easy drape, and a casual elegance that looks comfortable but never sloppy. I gotta save my lunch money for the Cordoba bag below, because that is beauty:

The Sahara bag below runs a close second on my wishlist. It’s huge!

While the company is around 6 years old, Nivaldo has been crafting leather goods in Mallorca since 1972. A few shots of Nivaldo and the workshop shows where they handmake all their products.

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  1. March 31, 2011 3:35 am

    Dear David, Thank you so much for this lovely post! It’s really nice to see our work through someone else’s eyes and to know that true craftsmanship and dedication is really appreciated. We’re also thrilled to get such lovely feedback about the photography as we do that ourselves too. All the best, Louise and Nivaldo.

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