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Kiel & Cravats

June 15, 2011

While my job doesn’t require a tie (in fact for some aspects of the job, it would be dangerous) and the general casualness of Southern California (just tucking in my shirt and wearing a belt makes me more dressed up than half the guys out there), I still appreciate a beautifully crafted tie. Recently I came across 2 new collections that caught my eye, both based in the East Coast.

The first is from accessories designer Kiel James Patrick. I blogged a while back about his bracelets, but he just launched his nautical repp tie collection. Bow ties and neck ties come in a variety of colors, all in silk, all made in the USA. Colors that are timeless and a nautical stripe detail that takes them beyond the ordinary repp tie.

Tipped with an antique 1944 Nantucket Sound charting map.

The other company is Distinguished Cravat, based in New York. While I normally would advise to steer clear of pre-tied bow ties, I’ll give a pass to these. The leather accents and fabric combinations elevate these beyond your standard prom-tux-rental bow tie.

Even your friendly neighborhood woodsman can join in on the fun.

Something for the ladies too.

all images via their respective companies.


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