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Unnecessary Wants: 3×1 Denim by Scott Morrison

July 31, 2011

Scott Morrison has been in the luxury denim game for what seems like forever, or at least the 90s. He co-founded Paper Denim & Cloth and Earnest Sewn, and was recently Creative Director of Evisu. Now he’s back with his own line of ready-to-wear and bespoke jeans, called 3×1, in reference to the twill construction of denim fabric.

Right now the label is limited to Morrison’s own Soho shop/factory, with a gallery-like space and a wall full of bolts of fabric, from Japanese, American, and Italian mills. It’s all selvedge denim from manufacturers like Cone, Denim Area, Kaihara, Kurabo, and Kuroki.

All the jeans are created on-site, in the glass workroom space housing all the seamstresses, pattern makers, etc. Think of it as the denim equivalent of a fancy restaurant with an open kitchen.

Of course, this will cost you. Ready-made jeans start at $295, which can then be customized. The full-blown appointment-only bespoke experience with Morrison will cost you $1200. That’s American dollars, not Canadian, Australian, Hong Kong, or whoever else uses the dollar. Hey, living in New York is expensive. Right now the line is only available at the store. Wholesale is set to begin in 2012.

So needless to say, you probably won’t be gardening in these jeans, and only a fool would throw them in a washing machine.

images via 3×1 Facebook page.


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