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August 9, 2011

I’m not a Nike guy. I’ve had a few pairs in my time, but none of the hot collectible models, though I did go through a phase where I lusted after Air Max 95s. Now I prefer classic canvas models from Converse, Superga, or Vans. They just look less ridiculous on a late 30s dad stepping out of his Camry than if I had a pair of camo-and-day-glo Dunks.

All that said, I am in awe of what lawyer Jordan Michael Geller has done with his (still growing) collection of Nike’s down in San Diego. He houses his collection in a 9000 square foot warehouse that he has christened the ShoeZeum (conveniently located next to the Adult Depot-guess his wife doesn’t mind). His day-job as a lawyer has provided him the funds to do this, as well as an Ebay business selling his extras. His first and middle name should give an indication to who his favorite player is, though he looks too old to actually have been named after MJ.

I read that tours can be arranged for $23.23 (MJ’s number for the uninitiated), but you’ll have to confirm that for yourself via his Facebook page.

Here’s a video tour of the warehouse with Jordan (most of the shoes are shrink-wrapped, which is why they appear shiny in the video):

San Diego readers now have an answer as to why they have been S.O.L. when it comes to buying Nike’s on sale at local Foot Lockers:

Posted a few pics on the Tumblr that give a sense of the space.


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