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Lodge Cast Iron

August 25, 2011

Last week our old pan had finally had it. It had ceased to be non-stick and just wasn’t cooking well.

So this gave me the opportunity to dip my toe into cast iron cooking. I had been eyeing cast iron cookware for the past few years, but since we didn’t need a new pan, I didn’t want to waste money.

I had seen the name Lodge online a few times and actually come across their products in a bunch of stores. I liked the fact that they were American-made and that I could find them in Crate & Barrel, the camping section of my local sporting goods store, and my local hardware store. In fact, Lodge is the last American maker of cast iron cookware.

So Sunday my wife went to a spa party at a friend’s house. That left it up to me and my son to pick up a pan as we ran around town on errands. I found the 10 and 12 inch skillets at Target, for a decent price, but I had a sneaking suspicion I could find it cheaper. I went in to T.J. Maxx and found a factory second with barely noticeable cosmetic defects for 25% less. It was mine. Went next door to the grocery store and bought a rib-eye steak and headed home.

The steak cooked fine, and I am babying the pan so that we keep it for a long time–we have a habit of neglecting/abusing our cookware. I’ve always heard that things just taste better cooked on cast iron, so I’m looking forward to some great meals. T.J. Maxx also had seconds of the Double Play Grill/Griddle for $19.95. I’m definitely going back for that.


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