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Málaga, Spain and the Alhambra 1980

October 16, 2011

My parents have been going through their old slides and scanning them. Here are some highlights of a trip they took with my father’s parents to Málaga, Spain, where they visited the Alhambra and the surrounding region, as well as my grandfather’s brother, who came down from Madrid.

My grandmother, on the right, was the original hipster.

My grandfather’s brother (aka my great-uncle) and my mom.

The local singles scene

Tree-lined esplanade. That’s my mom sitting on the bench.

Dried jamón in the window of a local grocer

My mother, touring through the city center. The shop signs and architecture behind her are what I like most about this picture.

Seriously, my grandmother was one of the original hipsters. They lived in an apartment between Sunset and Hollywood Boulevard, she wore wigs and false eyelashes, and used to get dolled up after working days as a nurse. They showed up at my wedding with my grandfather in a big sherpa-lined western coat and my grandmother in an elaborate caftan.

A hotel they stayed at.

Inside the hotel.

I love those tiles behind my mom and grandmother.

Not sure if these slides are also of the Alhambra or of the Alcazaba, as they were separated from the pictures above, but I think they are also of the Alhambra. Either way, it’s another example of the beautiful Moorish architecture throughout the Andalusia region.

Lunch afterwards


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