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New Green Shoe: Converse Chuck Taylor Premiere All-Star

October 25, 2011

So I finally got a new pair of sneakers, after my navy ones got so ratty looking that I had banished them to weekend chore duty. My mom was kind enough to use her Macy’s charge card coupon and picked me up these overdyed forest green Chuck Taylor Premieres.

I had some older Premieres in a leather brown, which I talked about in an early post on brown shoes. The sole on those had started to wear out, but my wife wouldn’t let me toss them. I used the great insoles in my navy sneaks, but the shoes just sat in a box for almost two years.

Well, any fool who looks at a tree can tell you that the colors green and brown work together, so I took the laces off the old brown shoe and put them on my new green shoes. I loved it, as it toned down the brightness that the original white laces gave the shoe. Now they sort of have a National Park Ranger look to them.


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