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Cavalier Essentials Inaugural Collection

November 23, 2011

So Cavalier Essentials has launched their inaugural collection of accessories for men. While the lookbook may make you think it’s a full-fledged line, a lot of what you see is there just to set the mood, like that brunette. But the pieces that are for sale look real nice, like that leather duffle. Vegetable-tanned and then hand-stitched from a single hide for the body, it’s a beauty that should age wonderfully. Made in New York is another reason to fork over a month’s rent for a bag that should last years.

It’s in the Online Flea section where some great pieces reside. A classic Pendleton shirt that’s in my size is calling to me:

Then there is a classic Gillette safety razor (though I’d avoid using that blade in the picture):

Hope the project does well, as Taylor clearly has a good eye for what appeals to guys.


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