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Pendleton for Presbyterian? Possibly.

December 14, 2011

Earlier this year, my wife returned from one of her thrift store runs with a nice wool fleece blanket. The blanket is double-faced in orange and a golden-yellow with big letters that read “PRESBYTERIAN HOSP.” We’ve been using it lately as the temperature drops at night.

Note: the black stripe in some of the photos is just a shadow from my window

A few weeks back, I noticed a very worn but familiar looking blue label in one of the corners. Could it be? An internet search came back with nothing. You be the judge.

The reverse side has some backing twill fabric, to help attach the label. This makes me think the blanket might not be Pendleton, as I have never seen this on modern blankets (though I’ve only seen a few). But I can’t understand why someone would put a label on their hospital blanket, unless they were very bored.

The blanket is definitely worn-in, as there are several repairs throughout. They’re not pretty, but they give the blanket some character.


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