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Schick Xtreme 3 & House of Marley earphone review

January 4, 2012

About a month ago, the folks at Schick Razors were kind enough to send me their Music Lovers gift box filled some men’s and women’s Xtreme 3 disposable razors, a speaker, and some House of Marley earphones.

Now I mentioned in a post a little over a year ago that I only shave around every other day or so. While I use shaving soap and a badger hair brush, I use the multi-blade razors that most men use and hipsters scoff at. So with all that said, I felt I should give it some time before I reviewed the razor so I could get some use out of it. My unscientific conclusion is that they shave fine. I like the flexible blades and get a close, decent shave. My wife commented that she likes her razors as well. The company is running a promotion until February 2012 where if you buy 2 packs of disposable razors or refills, you’ll get a $10 iTunes code (check your packs before you buy to make sure they qualify).

Now I’m one of those guys who views shaving as more of a chore than a pleasure, so take my review for what you will. I do, however, enjoy music and am lucky enough to work at a job where I’m allowed to listen to my iPod while I work, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the Smile Jamaica Earphones included in the gift box.

They’re made by the House of Marley, which makes headphones, earphones and docks with an ecological/rasta vibe to it. Honestly, I’m not really into the whole rasta/reggae scene, but I did like the look of the earphones, and some of the docks look pretty cool as well. My earphones are the Smile Rasta pictured above, and have wood earbuds with interchangeable silicone pads for size and also noise cancelling. The sound is clear with good base. The level is very good which allows me to keep the volume on the ipod relatively low so I can conserve energy. The cord has the black, red, and green rasta look and is fabric instead of rubber (I assume the interior is rubber covering the actual wires). The only bad thing is that the fabric cord transmits more sound than a rubber one whenever it rubs against my shirt or jacket. Still, they’re nice earphones at a decent price.


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