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Acquired | Randolph Engineering Aviators

March 21, 2012

Around 17 years ago, a friend showed me his new sunglasses. “Fighter pilots wear these,” he said as he handed them to me to try on. They were a pair of Randolph Engineering Aviators. They fit nice and looked well made, and the slightly rectangular lenses complemented my oval face. I had just purchased some sunglasses the year before so I didn’t need a new pair, but I’ve kept them in mind all these years.

Well, just before Christmas I received an email from Park & Bond telling me I had won a $50 gift certificate via the GQ Rules webseries that Park & Bond had sponsored. I finally got the $50 code a few weeks ago, which happened to work on their brother site Gilt. Well, Gilt was having a sale on Randolph Engineering sunglasses. I scrolled down the page and there they were. After applying the $50 credit and tax & shipping, they cost me less than $55. Not bad for Made in the USA glasses that the military still issues.


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