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Feal Mor Sailor Sweaters

April 23, 2012

While the French sailor sweater has come back in style, and every mall shop is selling their own version, LA-based Feal Mor has an edgier take on this classic. Designed by French ex-pat JP Plunier, Feal Mor operates out of a boutique on South La Brea and carries their own line of sweaters, as well as vintage goods and accessories made by JP’s friends.

But I’m here to talk about sailor sweaters. Back in February, I had a chance to see these in person at Inspiration LA. The sweaters are made in Brittany, France, wool or wool-blend, and come in a variety of cuts and weights to accommodate your shape and climate. It’s the patterns that really set Feal Mor sweaters apart. Traditionalists can stick with Saint James (nothing wrong with their stuff) but if you’re the type who likes a “classic-with-a-twist” then Feal Mor might be your choice.

A camel-colored shoulder and cuffs make the Camel Stripe stand out just enough, and yet it’s still the classic navy-and-tan color combo:

The menswear-inspired Reverse Knit Hunt Plaid:

There are warm-climate sweaters called Featherweights that come in a variety of colors. Here is a classic grey with Lafayette cuffs:

The Chiné (heather) sweaters are pretty unique and come in olive, navy, or red (which looks more magenta online) and also comes in a fitted version too:

Feal Mor also makes cycling sweaters, hoodies, beanies, kids, scarves, etc. Check them out online or in person at 165 South La Brea Los Angeles, CA 90036


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