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Standard Grit Flags

May 26, 2012

Standard Grit is a small maker of textile flags run by Chris Helms and his sister-in-law, Sue. Chris is a graphic designer based in Austin (he runs Helms Workshop–worth the click) and Sue lives in North Carolina. Both grew up in the Carolinas in families that were steeped in the textile industry.

We love unique keepsakes with a sense of heritage, and the simple joy found in crafting things with our hands. On top of that we really like the idea of creating modern day heirlooms that people might keep in their families for generations. You can’t pass down an iPhone to your grandson.

The story goes that Chris created an anchor tattoo design for his brother and Sue as an anniversary gift. In turn, she took the design and created a flag for Chris’s anniversary. Friends liked the flag and an idea for a company was born.

photo by Dave Mead

The flags are all handmade in North Carolina and are strictly limited editions–once a design sells out, it’s gone.

photo by Brent Humphreys

One of the first flags they made (now sold out), above, and the current model for sale, below.

The flags have a nice weathered, rustic look that I like, and the neutral colors will complement many different styles of decor. I love the typography on all of these.

images by Standard Grit unless noted

The flags are sold primarily online through Standard Grit and select outlets. Custom commissions are also accepted on a limited basis.


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