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Timberland Abington 5-inch boot – 18 months later

June 5, 2012

Around 18 months ago I posted a quick review of my suede Timberland Abington 5-inch Boot. I’ve worn them consistently since then, at least once a week except for some extremely warm weeks last summer. I’m probably around 100-120 wearings.

I left the suede untreated, so the color seems to have faded a bit from taupe to more of a warm gray. The nap of the suede has worn flat in areas where there is flex, like near the toe cap. Despite cuffing some of my raw denim, the suede has picked up some indigo from other jeans I leave uncuffed. I actually like the boots best with some Dockers Alpha Khakis that I recently picked up. The narrow leg opening really complements the restrained proportions of the boots.

After 18 months, I’m impressed with the Vibram sole and its comfort and durability. The construction of the boot as a whole is nice–no loose seams or visible wear on the padded collar or tongue. I’m a little disappointed with the suede, as I had hoped it would darken with use (and dirt) but I suppose that’s more my fault for not protecting it. I think if I had to do it over, I probably would have gone with the gray suede instead. I also get annoyed by the laces coming undone and refusing to form a tight knot no matter how hard I tug. I typically get frustrated and tie a double-knot later in the day.

I do love the insoles, as they provide nice comfort even when combined with a relatively thin outsole for a boot. But I’ve always liked Timberland for their comfort. Not sure if these are still being made, but if you can find a close-out or gently used pair, it can be worth it.


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