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Review: Shaving Cream by the Art of Shaving

June 29, 2012

Around 2 months ago, I ran out of my shaving soap, so I asked my wife to stop by the Art of Shaving store near her work and pick me up some shaving cream. I do a wet shave with a brush, which I discussed back in 2010, and was eager to try their product. They offer a few different scents, but my wife picked me up the Ocean Kelp, which you can imagine has a fresh scent–she said the others weren’t ones I would like, though I see there is an unscented option.

Well, I’ve been using it for a few weeks and it’s great. In my 15 years of wet shaving, this cream has the best lather I’ve ever had, and it just takes a tiny bit of cream to get that lather. The oils in the cream give me a smooth shave, though it does leave a residue when I wash off my face, but it comes off when I dry my face. The shaving cream container is a little bit larger than other shaving soap containers I’ve bought in the past, so it should last me a long time. It costs a little more, but it’s well worth it and considering how little cream you need to use per shave, will save you money in the long run.


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