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Fall 2012 Roundup: Clarks Boots

September 4, 2012

Clarks is famous for their crepe-soled Desert Boots, but a few things from their Fall 2012 collection have caught my eye as well. Grant it, most are style-cousins of the Desert Boot but I think equally attractive and versatile. And yes, my brown shoe fetish continues (click the category tags at the end of the post to understand why).

First up is the Desert Trooper in Tan Leather. I’m a sucker for lug soles, going back to my flannel-wearing days in the early 90s (never got into grunge though):

The Desert Guard adds some leather trim to the classic boot silhouette, giving it some needed visual “weight” in my opinion.

The Burns Hot is a nice, clean looking chukka. My boss has a pair of black ones that have held up nicely for a couple of seasons of constant wear. The brown isn’t up on the Clarks site as of this writing, but Google is your friend:

One other boot caught my eye—the Ruckus Fracas. It’s a technical winter boot and I like its rugged looks. I live in Southern California, so I don’t need a boot like this, but if I had to endure New York winters I’d definitely check this out. Again, it’s not up on the Clarks site yet, but if you Google it…:


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