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Spotlight: Pella Jackets

November 1, 2012

We’re approaching the midway point of autumn and if the temperatures haven’t dropped where you live, they will soon. So I thought I’d spotlight some jackets from American workwear brand Pella. They operate out of Pella, Iowa and their line of jackets and bibs made from cotton duck is made in their factory in nearby New Sharon–they also have a line of hunting and camo gear that is imported.

Even though Pella is a true workwear brand, I’m going to show some pieces from their Rugged Casual Clothing collection, which basically means you could wear it on or off the jobsite. What attracts me are the prices–they’re affordable, sometimes downright cheap–and clean, classic looks. The jackets I’m spotlighting are all under $100. Like Pointer Brand or Dickies, this stuff isn’t fashion, it’s workwear that’s meant to take a beating and bought by guys who think Daiki Suzuki designs ATVs.

Pella sells their full line online through Rugged Clothing. While most products come in different colors, they only seem to photograph one, so you may want to contact them first if you are unsure of a color

The Lightweight Cordova Jacket #207 that comes in a bunch of colors with a suede-like collar:

The Dearborn Jacket #742 in brown:

A classic Field Coat #961 that’s on clearance for $40 (a similar style Field Jacket #960 is $80):

Like most workwear, these look like they were designed with a relaxed fit, so you may want to go down a size if you want a slimmer fit. You also may have noticed those prominent Pella labels on the exterior of some of the jackets, and I would assume a seam ripper would be the easiest way to remove those if you don’t like labels–again, I would call to make sure it’s not glued on. Overall, Pella has some nice products that are Made in the USA for a fair price.


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