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Review: Miracle Skin Transformer Men SPF 20

November 24, 2012

I was never one for intricate skin care routines. I would go easy on the soap, shave every other day, and use just a little bit of lotion as I hated the greasy feeling on my skin–a trait that my son also inherited. I preferred to be “ruggedly handsome” as I told my wife back in our early 20s. But as I leave my 30s, I’m noticing that I’m straying more towards “rugged” and away from “handsome” territory.

So I upped my game a little bit. I started using those exfoliating cleansers that make you feel like you’re washing your face with wet sand. I still can’t get a straight answer from my wife as to what “toner” exactly is, but I use it when I remember to put some on, which is not often.

I also started looking for lotions that I could use. I had weird skin that would get oily along the nose and forehead, but get dry right at the hairline. I read in a magazine about lotions for men with a matte effect, but never got around to looking for one.

Lucky for me, the nice people at MST Beauty were kind enough to send me a bottle of Miracle Skin Transformer Men to review. When I read that it was designed to “leave skin with a smooth, matte, natural effect” I knew I had to try some.

I was worried when I was waiting for the product to arrive that it might be “guy foundation” and be colored like women’s foundation and leave me with a caked-on look. But my worries were unfounded. I’ve been using it for a week, and every time I put it on, my skin feels nice and smooth. The first couple of times I put it on, I was surprised at how good the matte effect worked. My skin immediately felt dry to the touch–dry as in no residue from the lotion, not dry as in cracked. And it took care of the shine, but didn’t look like I had something caked on. It actually didn’t look like I had any product on, which is ultimately the goal in my opinion.

Miracle Skin Transformer Men has an SPF 20/UVA/UVB protection, is fragrance-free, and Made in the USA–all pluses in my book. Available at Bergdorf Goodman, Sephora, and


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