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Pengallan Slim-Fit Boxers

January 19, 2013

I entered my college years during the resurgence of boxers. In those days of baggy, oversized jeans that sagged, the exposed fabric of a boxer short would be all that separated a man from the rest of the world. And don’t get me started on novelty fabrics, which unfortunately still appear during the Christmas shopping season. Thankfully most men now wear their pants around the vicinity of their waist, and in a cut that fits. With a slimmer cut of pants, a slimmer cut boxer was required. That’s where the Pengallan Slim-Fit Boxer comes in.

Their boxers are cut narrower and with a flat-front waistband which reduces excess fabric for a slimming look and comfortable fit under all pants. A contoured seat eliminates the “riding-up” effect typical of most boxer shorts, and the generous side vents allow for greater ease of movement. Patterns are bold with a classic menswear flair, and the solids are timeless. The red label and button add a nice touch. They’re hand stitched in New York out of luxury European cotton fabric and will set you back $80.

For Valentine’s, Pengallan is running a 20% OFF site-wide promotion on all items purchased now through February 14, 2013 with the promo code PENLUV.

Pengallan red stripe front copy

Pengallan Slim Fit Boxer Charcoal

charcoal detail copy

charcoal side 1 copy

Pengallan Slim Boxer Blue Plaid

images courtesy of Pengallan


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